Grubhub 2023 Recap: What We Ate All Year

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So, Grubhub just dropped its “2023 Delivered” report, and it’s a juicy one. Basically, it’s like a highlight reel of what we’ve all been munching on this year. From trendy bites to spicy sensations, this report spills the beans on our collective food choices.

Spicy Wins the Game

Spice was the name of the game in 2023. I mean, 91,000 folks sprinkled Sriracha on their grub – talk about a hot trend! The top spicy picks ordered were:

  • Spicy potato soft tacos
  • Spicy chicken sandwich
  • Spicy tuna roll
  • Hot and sour soup
  • Drunken noodles

Sadly, they didn’t include the Tums stats. Guess we’ll never know if we collectively regretted those fiery choices.

Fries, Salads, and Diet Coke

French fries stole the show as the go-to side dish, and get this, more than 600,000 peeps paired it with a salad. And what’s the go-to drink for this combo? A cold Diet Coke, with orders shooting up by 17% for those in-office cravings.

Midnight Madness

Late-night coffee runs went through the roof, with night owls calling in for over 10 million cups of Joe. And get this, we apparently decided dairy milk wasn’t that bad when it came to our midnight brews. Also, pickle lovers unite – we devoured a whopping 6.9 million of those briny delights. TikTok might’ve had something to do with that pickle obsession, just saying.

Surprise, Surprise on the Dinner Table

Hawaiian pizza made a splash, with a 33% rise in orders featuring that polarizing pineapple topping. Even Pinterest noticed a surge in pineapple-related searches. Tropical fruit taking over, anyone?

The Unpredictability Factor

Last year was all about burritos and cheeseburgers ruling the Grubhub kingdom. But this year? It’s been all about throwing caution to the wind. Grubhub’s report says we’ve been living for the vibes, stepping out of our comfort zones, and saying, “Forget the norms!”

Your Personal Food Journey

Feeling nostalgic about that hot sauce addiction from the start of the year? Grubhub’s got you covered with personalized “2023 Delivered” reports sent straight to your inbox. And if all this talk about spicy wings has got you drooling, they’re teaming up with Buffalo Wild Wings for a sweet deal – 50% off on wings, up to $10 off, until December 12th. Time to indulge!

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